Monday, January 18, 2010

Message from Steve and Francoise, Jan 16, 2010

We are Sylvia's parents. We haven't posted on this blog as we're not bloggers but we would love to hear from anyone who knew Sylvia and has a story to tell - funny, sad, irreverant, about food, green politics, knitting, whatever! Sylvia's tastes were eclectic and we know her friends were also.An update from us: we spent 3 days over Christmas holidays with Sylvia's friends in Cleveland. Wonderful people. We spent time in Connecticut and saw Sylvia's grave stone for the first time. Very hard to look at but it has a flower and butterfly on the back side. We'll post some pictures on the website. We both returned to work in October. Hard to do but necessary and in some way good for us. We miss Sylvia so very much but cherish our memories of her - and yours. Please add to this blog.

Steve and Francoise